Metal Tube Bird Feeder, Recycled Pot Lid – Wire Hanger – License Plate – Funnel – Hand Blown Glass Ornament - Free Shipping

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    • $55.00

Metal Tube Bird Feeder, Recycled Pot Lid – Wire Hanger – License Plate – Funnel – Hand Blown Glass Ornament - Free Shipping

Hello and Welcome to my Store!

I enjoy making Handmade durable looking items. This is one of my Tube Feeders creations using kitchenware pieces that include a heavy duty cooking pot lid for the roof, and a pie pan for the base of the feeder. With the use of a coat hanger it is easy to take down for easy filling and put back up. The screen is 1/4" square heavy duty exterior screen. As you can see I also drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the pie pan so the seed stays dry. Also for an artist touch I have attached a Hand Blown Glass Ornament with a chain hanging from the bottom.

Easy access to fill by just tipping up the lid , which then easily tips to one side and pouring the bird seed right in for easy access.

You don’t have to worry about seed rotting at the bottom of the tube because I placed a plastic oil funnel onto the base so the seed would fall around the bottom of the tube.
And you, if you are wondering, this is a very durable feeder. I have sold many locally and all customers comment on how well made this type of feeder is. Everything is put together with screws.

Check out all the photos I have vided. Picture #7 says it all. This is the Tube Feeder that I use in my back yard. The birds just love it!

Thanks for stopping. See you next time, and have a GREAT Day!


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